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Welcome To Passive Income Earners Plan [PIE]

The Unique Digital Thrift System


It’s not a “get rich quick” business as it requires work and patience to achieve the desired result.

Finally, we cracked the code that turns the matrix into a winner to create guaranteed passive income and empowerment at every level of the society.
You must be 18 years old, own a Bank account in your BVN name to use the system. Only one account is allowed per person.

Please note that the upgrade fee is guaranteed for 365 days. Meaning, if your pack didn’t cycle before one year, you get 125% mark up.

This unique Compensation Plan of Digital Thrift is an innovation to the traditional contribution or thrift [esusu, ajo,azoho etc].

Simply upgrade one-time with N5000 to own a PIE account and be placed into a 6 cycle matrix Quorum system for your empowerment and to earn and grow Long Term Thrift (LTT), get paid cash bonus, incentives, rewards and more.

PIE account also qualifies you to do affordable Short Term Thrift (STT) among others as follow:

1. Long Term Thrift [LTT] Is a product of a one-time upgrade cost of PIE Account activated after completion of a quorum of 12 contributors with you.
One unit of active LTT cost N1000 and returns N2197 (130% pa) mark up in 1080 days life pan and renewable (compounded) every 360 days.
You may acquire more LTT at N1200 and maximum of 1000 for now or earn more units after your PIE account cycles out of Intro Stage of the matrix.

2. Short Term Thrift [STT] is a one quorum cycle system involving 12 other contributors with you. It allows one contributor to be paid one after the other as your pack cycle out of Intro Stage. Each person contribute N4,000 (1pack) at 90 days maturity for 105%. However, a pack pays 125% if matured earlier within 30days but payable 30days from date of contribution. Only 2 packs can be contributed in one day that is up to 720 packs worth N720K profit in 360 days. If you do this daily you will never lack cash, guaranteed. All PIE account holder are encouraged to do minimum of 10 per month.

STT is highly recommended exclusively for all PIE account owners to enhance Cash flow empowerment.

3. Non-Matrix Thrift [NMT]is another innovation to the traditional thrift powered by self chosen period. (Coming soon)

How It Works



Upgrade with one-time N5, 000 to own your PIE Account and be placed in the 3×2 matrix system to cycle at Intro Stage and activate 5 Units of Long Term Thrift (LTT) worth N5K plus progress in the next 5 Quorum to be rewarded with Cash & Incentives – Laptop, Generator, TV, Car, House etc

Invite Three

Invite minimum of 3 people that may be placed by the system at the next available position in your team to receive your first payment from the matrix.

Do Short Term Thrift

Do maximum of 2 Short Term Thrift (STT) pack per day to earn up to 125% on every N1000 contributed. You are required to do minimum of 10 Packs per month.


PIE Account Cycle and receive N5,000 worth of 5 activated LTT units while STT gets Cash of N5,000

Your sponsor also gets Sponsor bonus N1,000 for PIE account only.

You are upgraded free to Quorum1 and you qualify to attend free INTRO WORKSHOP at the office/nearest location or online

STT earning terminates but act as booster for PIE accounts henceforth.

Cycle and qualify to get CASH BONUS of N10,000 and be upgraded free to Q2.

You can now enroll for Small Business Development or give it to someone – terms apply

Require 12 who have completed Intro Level to join you here to form a Quorum and be rewarded.

Cycle and qualify to get CASH BONUS of N20,000 and be upgraded free to Q3.

You may apply for interest free Soft Help especially for small traders up to N100,000 [Terms apply]


Attend Small Business Development at any company’s approved source near your location of choice.

Require 12 who have completed Quorum1 to join you here to form a Quorum and be rewarded.

Cycle and qualify to get CASH BONUS of N40,000 and be upgraded free to Q4.

Sign up for one approved Network Marketing business free [optional].
You receive incentive, a laptop or small generator or cash equivalent of N55,000

Require 12 who have completed Quorum2 to join you here to form a Quorum and be rewarded.

You are required to invite another 3 people [PIE Pack] to boost the system bringing your minimum invitees to 6. Please don’t buy them yourself because each entry is required to invite 3 each etc. Remember only one account per person and you must be 18 and above.

Cycle and get CASH BONUS of N80,000 and be upgraded free to Q5.

You may also get free healthcare insurance cover for the first year or as available.

You receive one of these incentives, a New Motorcycle [Okada] or Tricycle [Maruwa] or Industrial Sewing Machine or cash equivalent of
N500,000 with Soft Help to cover actual cost if necessary.

Require 12 who have completed Quorum3 to join you here to form a Quorum and be rewarded.

Complete level 2 and qualify to get Cash bonus of N1million

You also get a new television set or gas cooker plus a car or cash total N3.5million

Complete level 3 and get a house or cash worth N5million

+ Overseas trip support bonus of N500K + Shopping bonus of N100K

The company will also donate N250,000 in your name to any charity of your choice.

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  • Opening soon. Watch out!
    Call us +234-902-227-1924, +234-811-2237-055

    Thank You For Your Interest

  • iscube-cashbackOpening soon. Watch out!

    Call us +234-902-227-1924, +234-811-2237-055

    Thank You For Your Interest